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Hi, welcome and to Pods Reviewed. If you’re thinking about using Pods Moving and Storage please read my experience using the Pods. This site was created to share my factual experience and opinions with consumers so they can make an informed decision before using Pods Moving and Storage.

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Pods moving and storage failed to deliver our Pod on the agreed upon date from California to Texas. They did not know where the pod was when we showed up at their facility on the agreed date to move our personal belongings to our home. Their customer service took sometimes up to weeks to get back to us. They offered $100 per day late ($500) for us to sign an NDA to not share this information with anyone. We declined to make sure people could hear our story.

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I understand things happen as we are all human. However, I don’t understand how after confirming multiple times that our personal belongings that we entrusted to Pods could not arrive on time. Even with this being the case, why we were not informed the day before we arrived at the facility on 05/23/2020 that our pod did not arrive. I find it pretty unacceptable that when we arrived on the 05/23/2020 our name was printed on a list on the door of the Pods facility knowing that it wasn’t even there. So all in all this whole thing has been a huge mess.

I don’t understand how a company who essentially is a logistics company could make such a gross mistake. I counted on Pods to champion my move and provide accurate timelines for a coordinated move. When in fact I mostly received misguided and disjointed communication necessary to facilitate a coordinated move. The lack of communication not only wasted the time to plan a move, but also sit at a location for hours in limbo, effectively wasting the whole day. Even after all that I figured an agent could at least let me know where my pod was or talk to someone who could help. However, the agent had no idea or any way to find out where the pod was and instead only had an email to request information for the logistics team. All to find out someone made a huge mistake and that I’d somehow get some sort of remedy from someone in an email days later.

This whole thing leaves me feeling like Pods does not care at all about its customers. It lacks the ability to communicate not just with its customers, but with each other. There is definitely a lack of coordination and thoroughness within the internal processes of the company. Which currently all adds up to poor customer service leaving me feeling really mistreated and a total loss of all confidence in the company.

There is no reason why a logistics company who is coordinating the move of person property should tell the customer they have no idea where their stuff is and that the best we can do is email you in days with someone who can shed light on the situation. If they would of offered to put me in a focus group to try to figure out how to prevent this situation in the future would of worth it to me. The whole thing just felt like I was trying to be bought off by some sleazy corporation who didn’t care at all about their customers. So I told them that $500 wasn’t worth signing an NDA and would rather share this information with the world so other people don’t have to deal with Pods.